Founder’s Message

Corporate Social Responsibility is corporate conscience, Corporate Citizenship and Social Performance. All corporate contributions are the dividends that society gets for allowing the Corporate/Business houses to do responsible and fair business, and to flourish. It is heartening that many business houses have made a beginning to identify themselves with the problems of the people at large, and to voluntarily share their resources and skills to elevate and enrich their lives.

The Sujana Group of Companies are also committed to work on sustainable social development and long long ago moved away from simple Compliance CSR to Conviction CSR. We have aligned all the Social good programs that our Sujana Foundation is doing with the rest of our business.

We have put the CSR high on the agenda and laid great emphasis on sharing our success with those who are less fortunate in our society through community involvement. As a business group we understand that we have moral, ethical, and philanthropic responsibilities in addition to our responsibilities to earn a fair return for our investors and comply with the law. We also firmly believe that investments in CSR will help us develop new competencies, resources, and capabilities, which are manifested in our culture, technology, structure, and human resources.

Sujana CSR Quarterly Journal is a document that gives information about what the Sujana is doing for the well being of the society. My best wishes to the entire team behind this, and hope that these efforts will continue.

Warm Regards,
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